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Create A Facebook Page For Your System!

These days one of the easiest and most effective way to communicate with large numbers of your customers is by using Facebook. People from every age group use Facebook. It is a quick, easy, and FREE way to reach your utility customers!

SEE AN EXAMPLE: The City of Emmett's Public Works Department has a wonderful Facebook page. They have been able to reach a large portion of their customers and educate them on many aspects of drinking water and wastewater. 

Facebook is a great way to post articles, pictures, announcements, and more. You can have a "Question and Answer" section for your customers, you can post satisfaction surveys, and more. People like to see what their utility bill is paying for, so don't be shy about posting pictures of your operators working to fix problems! Dealing with frozen pipes, fixing pot holes, pulling nasty items from the headworks at your Wastewater Treatment Facility.. you get the idea!

Facebook also allows you to see how many people are viewing each post, so you can get an idea of how many residents you are reaching. Viewers can post questions or comments and you are able to respond and educate them. 

One word of advice: Avoid getting into arguments with customers on Facebook and by responding to posts. If someone voices a complaint, invite them into your office to discuss it in person. You don't want the public to view any nasty exchanges!